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SAP Translation Services for the Highest Standards

We understand that SAP translation is about connecting with your global clients.

Linder & Tanguy: from one of SAP’s leading French translation service providers to an SAP language and translation partner

Our more than 20 years of translation and SAP localization experience and excellent track record of satisfied customers mean we are optimally equipped to support your rollouts with SAP translation services and related consulting in various languages.

Having been an SAP-certified language service partner since 2006, we also have the professional translation experience and proficiency you're looking for to adapt custom or supplementary developments into French, German, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Russian, or Japanese.

SAP's development and translation environment is unique, but your project is in good hands with us: We’re professionals in dealing with SAP terminology and helping customers drive their global business with SAP translation tools.

We’ll bring our expert staffing and project management skills to bear in handling the translation and adaptation of your:

  • User interfaces in SAP system environments
  • User assistance environments in SAP systems
  • Documentation related to SAP add-ons and business processes
  • Customized SAP training courses
  • SAP user license agreements
  • Sales collateral
Meanwhile, we don't just translate – we can set up your SAP translation environment, as well.
  • Translation of custom developments, from the preparation of a translation environment to final reviews of finished translations
  • Configuration of translation environments, creation of object lists, and regular assessments to monitor translation progress

Language quality consulting: from initial text analysis to translation

Having offered SAP translation services for more than 20 years, those of us at Linder & Tanguy know that a good translation starts with a quality source text. Experience has also taught us that not every software developer or documentation specialist has a knack for writing texts for user interfaces, online help, user guides, or training documents in English – especially when it isn’t his or her native language.

We can assist you in writing English source texts for your SAP solutions and corresponding documentation. By ensuring a high level of quality in these texts, you’ll gain the ability to reduce (often significantly) the costs and effort required to translate and localize them.

Every customer project of this kind, especially those carried out in the context of SAP, demands thorough and professional text analysis once the source content is received. This is the basis on which we offer SAP translation services that guarantee accuracy and efficiency.

At Linder & Tanguy, we want to work with our customers for many years to come. That’s why we make sure that both the source texts and the translations we create are delivered quickly and cost-effectively after being reviewed by at least two of our specialists. We believe this sets an ideal stage for successful long-term partnerships!

Instead of just another translation company, we’re an SAP localization partner to our clients

To support your solutions for SAP, Linder & Tanguy works exclusively with native speakers who are experts in linguistics and the world of SAP. In everything from preparing a translation environment to reviewing completed translations, we’ll help your company achieve even greater success.

Check here for some examples of our past work.

We also take pride in understanding the unique requirements of the industries we serve. That’s why our approach involves building tailored linguistic teams and processes around each type of SAP subject matter and content.

Through our worldwide network of SAP-certified companies, we make sure that the SAP services we provide in the areas of SAP translation, SAP localization, and content creation are always improving, as well.

Our goal is to help you do more with less and give you more time to grow your business

When it comes to SAP translation and SAP localization, why not trust the experts? Have our experienced team manage the translations required in your next global rollout project.

Take advantage of the benefits other SAP users have been enjoying for over 20 years.

We translate and localize software, including all the technical, marketing, and training documentation that goes with it. Our expert knowledge portfolio is also extensive, ranging from SAP applications and extensions to analytics, mobile solutions, databases, and technology platforms.

Interested in learning more about our SAP translation services and language consulting?
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